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Baby Reindeer Stalker Martha Scott Turns Up As A Wealthy Lawyer

Martha Scott plays a significant role in Baby Reindeer, representing the real-life stalker who directly impacts Donny’s life.

Martha is an on-screen character based on the real-life stalker of Richard Gadd, the creator and main protagonist of the Baby Reindeer series.

Actress Jessica Gunning, a central figure in the story, represents the female stalker and portrays Martha Scotta.

The series captures Gadd’s harrowing three-year experience with stalking, offering a gripping and dramatic series of the events.

Self-Proclaimed Lawyer And Serial Stalker Martha Scott In Baby Reindeer

Martha Scott initially portrays herself as a wealthy lawyer, but as the story unfolds, we discover that her character has secrets.

After facing constant stalking from Martha, Richard Gadd, the main character, decided to research Martha.

Upon searching her on Google, he came across the headline: “Serial Stalker Harasses Barrister’s Deaf Child.”

This disclosure revealed that Martha was an ex-convict who had spent four years in jail for stalking her boss and causing harm to his hearing-impaired son.

Furthermore, Martha’s obsession with Donny intensifies after he performs a simple act of kindness for her.

Her obsession was revealed in over 41,000 emails, 350 hours of voicemails, 106 pages of letters, and 744 tweets directly sent to Donny.

Take a look at the Baby Reinderr’s official trailer:

Moreover, Martha’s obsession with Donny leads her to believe they’re in a relationship, affectionately calling him her baby reindeer.

However, her behavior is manipulative and harmful due to her stalking tendencies.

Likewise, Donny, struggling with low self-esteem and past trauma, seeks validation through his interactions with Martha.

The series delves into their twisted dynamic, highlighting how Martha’s obsession affects Donny’s life.

Richard Gadd’s Journey From Making Audiences Laugh to Confronting a Stalker

Richard Gadd encountered a similar situation in real life. While working at a pub in North London, he connected with a woman who walked in.

Their relations intensified over the course of three years. The stalker bombarded him with texts, emails, voicemails, and other messages.

In the thousands of emails Martha sends to Donny, the term baby reindeer frequently appears.

Even when facing consequences, she affectionately refers to him as her little reindeer.

Eventually, legal action was taken, resulting in a restraining order keeping her away from Gadd, his friends, and his family.

The series delves into the complexities of stalking, highlighting the emotional impact on both the victim and the stalker.

Although the stalker’s true identity remains undisclosed, Martha Scott’s character reflects the harsh experience that Gadd faced in real life.

Additional Information

  • Baby Reindeer is based on the real-life events from the experiences of comedian Richard Gadd.
  • Richard Gadd has appeared in shows like “Wedding Season,” “Code 404,” and “Outlander.”
  • Jessica Gunning is known for her roles in “Pride”,”What Remains”and “Back among others.”/li>

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