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Eloise Bridgerton’s Eye Color Alteration From Julia Quinn’s Novel to Screen

Throughout the Bridgerton Netflix series, the character Eloise undergoes notable transformations, including a change in her eye color.

Claudia Jessie’s portrayal of Eloise Bridgerton is prominent in the popular Netflix series Bridgerton, which draws inspiration from Julia Quinn’s novel.

As the fifth child and second daughter of the Bridgerton family, Eloise stands out for her sharp wit, intellectual curiosity, and determined desire for independence.

Unlike her peers, who prioritize marriage, Eloise focuses more on pursuing her education and challenging societal norms.

A Secrets of Eloise Bridgerton Changing Eye Color

In the Netflix adaptation of Bridgerton, Eloise has dark blue eyes, but in the book series, she has gray eyes.

What makes this even more interesting is the interesting narrative surrounding Eloise’s changing eye color throughout the book.

In “The Duke and I,” her eyes are described as blue; in “An Offer from a Gentleman,” they transform into green shade, and in “To Sir Phillip, With Love,” they become gray.

It seems as if her eyes mirror the emotional journey experience across the pages of the series.

Possibly, her eyes hold mysterious and ever-changing romantic plots unfolding around her.

Moreover, her transformation of eye color in the series reflects both the creator’s plot choices and the character’s development throughout the series.

Story of Eloise Bridgerton’s Eyes Color in Book and Series Remains Uneven

In the Bridgerton book series, Eloise Bridgerton’s eye color changes inconsistently rather than being a conscious choice.

Author Julia Quinn has acknowledged this as an error, referring to it as “Eloise Bridgerton’s changing eye color” in her FAQ section.

Such variations in details like eye color are common in book series, especially those with multiple characters and entries

On the contrary, the Netflix show prioritizes visual consistency, ensuring that Eloise’s eye color remains consistent.

Eloise is portrayed with dark blue eyes, and the show maintains this detail for her character throughout the series.

This consistency arises from the controlled environment of television production.

In this context, aspects like character appearance are gradually kept constant to prevent viewer confusion.

Eventually, the show’s adaptation simplifies these details for clarity and consistent characterization.

Additional Information

  • Eloise and Penelope have been best friend since childhood.
  • In the books, Eloise Bridgerton later becomes Eloise Crane after marrying Sir Phillip Crane.
  • Penelope married Eloise’s older brother, Colin.

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