Lucas Aurelio Portrays Paul Suarez

Actor Lucas Aurelio Portrays Paul Suarez, a Friend Of Lady Tilley, In Bridgerton Season 3

Paul Suarez, portrayed by Lucas Aurelio Phayre Gonzalez in the Bridgerton season 3, is a Spanish-American actor originally from Albany, NY, with a bright career in TV shows and movies.

Bridgerton introduces the character Paul Suarez as a side plot in the second part of the season.

He is introduced as a close friend, Lady Tilley Arnold, a wealthy widow. He has had a physical relationship with Tilly and is also interested in Benedict, the husband of Sophie Beckett.

During a social event, a dinner party, it is revealed that they are all part of a throuple, engaging in a physical relationship together.

Spanish-American Actor Lucas Aurelio’s Journey From Theater to Stardom

Lucas Aurelio Phayre-Gonzalez, born in Albany, New York, on May 22, 1996, has a close-knit family with a Spanish ethnic background.

His parents are Nieves Gonzalez Montejano and Dennis Phayre. Lucas also has a younger sister named Bella, who resides in New Zealand.

Despite spending time in New York, Lucas regularly visited Madrid during the summers to stay connected with his family and enhance his Spanish language skills.

His Instagram posts often feature photos with his parents and sister, reflecting his close-knit with his family.

Regarding his career, Lucas attended Albany High School before continuing his studies at Russell Sage College.

His career started in theater, eventually leading him to the big-screen and television roles.

During his early years, he actively participated in athletics, music, dance, and other various school drama productions.

Back in 2018, Lucas started his acting journey with the series “The Pretenders.” Since then, he has seamlessly transitioned into diverse supporting roles, including the TV show “Anfamol.”

His talent extends beyond television, as he has appeared on screen and in various other TV productions, such as “The Silver Star,” “FBI: International,” and “The Witcher.”

Recently, Lucas made a splash in the popular Netflix series “Bridgerton,” captivating audiences in the final three episodes.

The latest installments of the Bridgerton show’s third season have garnered widespread acclaim.

Additional Information

  • Lucas is active on Instagram with an Instagram handel @lucasaurelio___ and has above 6.1k followers.
  • Lady Tilley is an original character created for the Netflix adaptation Bridgerton.
  • She is a widow who becomes interested in Benedict Bridgerton.

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