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A Twist of Dusty’s Tragic Fate With Narrow Escape in “Under The Bridge” Episode 6

Dusty survives but experiences severe mental trauma and ends up getting caught alongside the other girls involved in “Under the Bridge.”

In the Hulu series “Under the Bridge,” Dusty Pace, portrayed by Aiyana Goodfellow, is a fictitious character based on Missy Grace Pleich, a real-life individual.

She is part of CMC, a three-girl gang that includes Josephine Bell and Kelly Ellard. These girls live in the foster home at Seven Oaks.

Reena Virk, another main character, met Dusty and her friends at a local community center.

Despite their rough exterior, Reena connected with them due to their shared sense of being outsiders.

Unfortunately, their friendship took a dark twist when Reena was brutally attacked and obliterated by some of those very friends.

Dusty’s Fate Unfolds in Under the Bridge Episode 6

In 6th episode of Under the Bridge, Dusty Pace meets a harrowing situation but manages to survive.

Dusty encounters a significant moral dilemma and is deeply affected by the events surrounding the murder of Reena Virk.

Pace, who is a close friend of Reena’s, is associated with a gang that includes Josephine Bell and Kelly Ellard.

Kelly unapologetically confesses to being Reena’s slayer and even reveals Reena’s muddy shoes hidden away in Jo’s closet.

Furthermore, Kelly made a shady joke about submerging Reena’s head underwater while smoking a cigarette. Dusty reacted strongly to this cruel act and outburst and consequently attacked her.

Subsequently, Josephine and Kelly questioned Dusty’s loyalty and realized she couldn’t be trusted. Therefore, they planned to end her life as she knew the crucial information.

Later, just before a school dance, they mixed rat poison in a bottle of iced tea and vodka, but Dusty, who was already drunk, vomited right after taking a sip.

In that despairing moment, Dusty was taken to a train track, where she thought of taking her own life. Regardless, Josephine ultimately changes her decision and protects Dusty.

Although Dusty survived the accident, her future hangs in the balance. As a result, she, along with others, including Jo, Kelly, and Warren, are apprehended by the police.

Adding to this twist of fate, Dusty’s previous actions come back to haunt her. Despite being friends with Reena, she attacked her under the bridge, a decision she now deeply regrets.

Additional Information

  • Dusty is based on Missy Pleich, one of the teenage girl who was involved in crime.
  • There are total 8 episodes in the mini-series “Under the Bridge.”
  • This mini-series is based in Rebecca Godfrey’s book based on real-life incident.

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